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Krissy, welcome to the boards. This is definitely the place for support and advice. I agree with all the other posters. I would just check your particular clinics track record for successful IVF. I really do think that makes a difference. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with more than one clinic, I would check it out and, of course, go with the best. I also really agree with doing acupuncture along with IVF. In fact, you should start now. The sooner the better. My clinic keeps stats on acupuncture. They have almost double the success rate with women who use it compared to those that don't. They have no idea why, but it just works. To me that is a high statistic.

I am just finishing my first attempt at IVF. So far so good. I tested positive this morning on HPT and have a blood test tomorrow so I am optimistic. I was able to freeze 2 embies so if something happens I feel like I at least have that to fall back on. My clinic did not offer the two options so I have really no advice on that. I will tell you it is a financial investment and to be ready for it. You cannot have the stress of fighting with DH over money during IVF. You need as little stress as possible during IVF.

Good Luck!

Edit note: As far as your DH's question about the cycle. At my clinic you pay up front, way before you know if it worked or before you might miscarry. So I don't think that matters. Also, the meds are one of the major expenses.

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