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Kari, lots of luck to you on Monday, I know we normally don't like to wish the weekend away but I bet you are really anxious. I hope it all goes well for you and you are soon celebrating.

Nicky, wow, IUI on the same day as me, that is crazy how similar we are. I had these really painful pains last weekend, but they were really low, much lower than AF cramps and they hurt so badly I was getting worried. I couldn't even bend over, lasted about 10-15 minutes then was completely gone. It was Sunday nite, so 4 days post IUI. My DH says some nights I am burning up even though I don't notice it, but I haven't done any charting of my temp. My breasts started being really sore starting, hmmm, sometime this week, Wed or so. But that is typical of my PMS symptoms being overly exaggerated from all the IF meds so not really unusual for me. I have had to wear a bra to bed, then Thur nite I was having some cramping kind of like PMS cramping but then nothing yesterday or today. I am trying not to over think every symptom but it is piquing my curiosity.

If I counted my CD correctly, my AF is due tomorrow, obviously hoping she forgets to visit this month :jester: :jester:

the last few days I have had bouts of nausea and a headache but not much that is too out of pattern.

Wishing everyone lots of luck and not too many days left of my 2ww.

does anyone know if Estrodial will affect your cycle length?

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