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Glad I could make you laugh in light of our IF. Hoping that we will all have our little bundles of joy soon and someday we will look back at this moment in our life and just laugh remembering all the crap we have gone through as well as the times that were in fact hilarious.

It is pretty funny isn't it. glad we have our furbabies to make us laugh too.
LOL that is so funny, I'll have to watch my furbabies and my featherbaby around things like that, they will surely get into mischief if I let them. My 13yr old cat still runs around like a kitten and my bird tells himself to shut up if he's squawking. But at least I know now to keep all meds away from them.

Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
too funny, your bird tells itself to shut up. LOL!!!!

yes, cats like suppositories, be ware :)
Your story is too funny, and I can only imagine my animals causing the same kind of havoc. I can't write what my birds says, and it's not my fault, his previous owners taught him the profanity...but he says "I'm a chicken" in this sing-song voice that always cracks everyone up!!!


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