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Thank you all so much! I would've replied sooner but I've been a little busy ... and feeling a little sick.

I am not afraid of IUI's (I've gone through an Endo Biopsy, HSG, etc) so I've become pretty tough toward Infertility procedures ... kind of, LOL! Anyways, it was just not a road hubby & I were ready to discuss but it looks like we'll have to if all else fails! I know someone mentioned to me before it was around $1,500/cycle with the medications, etc.

I really hope I O'ed on my own. I was given the Provera to have a period & started on August 30th - my first cycle since last December. I don't know if it's the hormones from finally getting a period after so long or because it truly may be our turn for a child. (I've lost 2; 1 ectopic, 1 miscarriage around 3 months) This morning I ate some mashed potatoes (yes, for breakfast. It is all I wanted) but it felt like it was sitting in my chest, and I ended up throwing up twice. I'd walk away from the toilet & feel nauseous again. Is that a sign? Also, I've had headaches off & on, been real tired (lack of sleep I'm sure), but my lower back has also been achy - in my hip areas and lower back. Also, my BB's are tender but again, only when I press on them. They just *feel* tender when I'm NOT pressing on them.

What do you wonderful ladies think? I'd be 8DPO today if I did in fact O last Tuesday (day of EWCM) ... I want to take a $ tree test in the morning just to see, lol. I know it'll probably be BFN and part of me just feels like it's impossible for us to get a BFP, so I'm almost fooling myself out of it. I just don't know what to think of these symptoms, which is why I've come to ya'll. You all seem pretty experienced so considering what I've told you at this point, what do you think?

By the way ... HEY PRINCESS! I come & go on here, lol. I'm glad to see your still around and I will always keep you girls in my prayers whether we know each other or not. I know how rough the journey of TTC is; I wish a BFP for each of you!

PS. At this point I'm considered to be on CD 34 which means I would've O'ed pretty late. I don't temp, chart, or do OPK's either. I should but I choose not to. lol

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