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Wow, I cannot believe what you guys have already been through and ya'll are young, too. It's okay that ya'll aren't married as long as you're committed, and of course it sounds like you are. How sweet of your BF to be on board completely! I'm very shocked to hear that your IUI's are covered by insurance. That is wonderful. We had an insurance a very long time ago (highly expensive monthly premium) that covered 6 IVF's in your lifetime. I also thought about the donation of eggs, too, at one point if it ever got to us needing to do that!

You are very smart by not wanting to go broke, then end up pregnant & have no way of supporting your blessing. You are doing everything right; very admiring!

I have "PCOS" so they say (not even sure if you can ovulate on your own with PCOS) but I'm hoping it is possible. Anything IS possible, I know. I've been pregnant twice before - 1 ectopic, miscarriage at around 3 months. DH & I have been on & off board over the past 1.5 years! At times we really love our lives as is; his professional life, I love college & want many different degrees, and we LOVE the freedom. But, there is always a piece that feels empty. He tells me every other day about how he wants a "Josh Jr." or a little princess, and that kills me because it doesn't come as easily for us. But, we'll appreciate it a whole heck of a lot more when the Lord blesses us!

Good luck!! I will definitely keep in touch. Excuse my novels, I'm so sorry. LOL! Btw, I'm 23 (almost) and DH is 26. We live in Georgia.
Thank you ALL for the support, posts, and friendship :) I thank you all soooo very much & you have no idea how much your all appreciated!! It is going to happen for each of you, too.

DH already knows - so does my entire family, thanks to my mother. LOL! I ran through the house and I threw the HPT at DH, lmbo, and he was like "Your Pregnant". He got a little excited but not what I had expected - he had a real bad migraine, too, though! I wanted to wait at least 3 months to make sure all was okay before blabbing but I just couldn't help it - I was caught up in the moment, haha!

I have a question and/or concern at the moment though & would really LOVE any opinions you might have, bad or good!

I took that Dollar General test last night & it was positive. I took an EPT Digital this morning with FMU & it was negative. At almost 1PM and again at 2:17PM I took another Dollar General pregnancy test - negative. Was it a false positive or are these false negatives, or am I just losing my mind? I KNOW for a fact that test last night, the 2nd line, was pink - clearly pink, not gray like an evap line! The other 2 I took today don't even have evap lines, either - the control line isn't even as dark/purple as the one last night. What could this mean? Am I really pregnant, do I have a chance? I'm so frustrated today & a little concerned :( :( Help! Thanks girls, I know I can always count on ya'll, lol.
Thank you girls for the luck, prayers and crossed fingers if you had them. LOL!

My mom actually did NOT end up bringing the stuff here to test my blood since they'd have to send it off anyways. My appointment is tomorrow at 1:45pm so please, if you do not mind or if you pray, say a prayer for us that we are really pregnant! I believe in the power of Prayer! We need all the help we can get, lol.

All day I've had dull aches (no pain, just dull) on the left and right sides, and some in the middle. It also felt like AF type cramping but no spotting or bleeding. I read and also heard from friends that it's totally normal so I'm hoping that is the case with us, and that maybe we're just earlier than we thought! I sure hope so! I'm anxious at what the OB will say/do tomorrow - I just hope it isn't bad news but I can't doubt God, so I am putting ALL of my faith into Him for tomorrow!

((( Hugs ))) I'll update as soon as I get home! Thanks to each of you again!

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