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hi mariella, i dont know if you remember me but i use to be on the boards alot. ive lost internet access for a while at work, then my monitor at home broke etc etc.. and i am now trying to catch up with my old friends. i read your posts and you will be in my thoughts and prayers!! i am sorry you are having to go through this. i had went through 4 IVF's and one of them i got a positive test, that qucikly turned into miscarriage, i was scared to death that id never get the chance to be a mother, without adopting, which i just wasnt ready to accept just yet... then finally on my last ivf i did get pregnant and i am not 18 weeks.. i still am scared, but that is starting to fade. i was in and out of the fertility dr for the first 12 weeks with beta tests and u/s.... we did see a heartbeat at 5wks and 6days... but the dr said usually they dont see a heartbeat until 6-6 1/2 weeks... but i look at it this way, unless you have gone thru infertility/miscarriages who knows how many women arent gettign early scans, and when their "babys heartbeat" shows up?? some women dont even see the obgyn until they are almost outta the first trimester. and you had a question about the dating.. well, if i am 18 wks pregnant that means that i got pregnant 16 weeks ago, (so that is how old the baby is) but drs start counting from the last menstrual period which is obvuiusly before you actrualyl conceived, and they go by 40 weeks (but you are really only pregnant for 38wks, if that makes sense?? so when your dr said you dont get a positive pregnancy test until you are 4 weeks pregnant he meant that youd be considered 4 weeks pregnant, but the baby would only be 2 weeks old.. the guidelines drs use tho for avg beta's/heartbeats etc is going by how "pregnant" you are.. not how old baby is... it is very confusing!! i would definitly not give up hope, i know its easier said then done, but stay sttrong for this baby.. my s-i-l's sister went thru infertility for about 3 years before getting pregnant with her first.. and when she was trying for a second she had went through atleast 8 early miscarriages!!!! well she is 23 weeks pregnant now.. the dr's told her to take progesterone supplements, and now she and baby are doing great!! anyway, im praying for you and baby and your family ;) <3 aimee

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