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Pls read, urgent
Oct 10, 2007
Hello everyone, I have been offline and thought I would be posting here with some good news to share tonight, but alas the news is not so good. My recap, had a miscarriage in August, took day one of bleeding as day one of cycle. Dr said to wait til we got AF to start fresh cycle with IUI. We had a good month off, no injections, fert drugs, scans etc lots of wine and lo and behold we got pregnant on our month off! It was a complete shock, I went into denial, not telling hubby til after 6 weeks because I thought well I lose every baby (3 so far then) by 5 weeks so whats the point.

So here we were today, going for our 8 week scan. I have raging symptoms, vomiting every morning, feeling exactly like I did when pg with my other kids. Did another strong, quick positive pg test this morn, so we thought the scan was just routine, to see our baby. Well my worst nightmare has come true, the dr said he could see the sac, but thats all. No baby or hb etc. He said if I was 6 weeks, that would be what he would expect to see. But since I am supposed to be around 8 weeks, he said he would expect to see more. What I would like opinions on is, he said not to take my dates from my lmp as it was a miscarriage and we don't know when AF was due to come after that. He asked me when I did my first positive pg test, he said I would have had to be at least 4 weeks pg to get a positive, he then added that onto the 3 1/2 weeks since then, making me around 7 1/2 weeks. Does that sound right to you, could I just be off with my dates?

Anyway, I had blood tests to check my levels today, and am having an abdominal u/s tommorrow (separate to this dr, for a 2nd opinion). But I am thinking that I haven't got much hope, I really think we should have seen more today than just the sac. I am really devastated, this heartache keeps happening, we seem to get some happiness in being pg for a few weeks, only to get it taken away. I don't know how much more I can cope with, hubby wants to try again, but it's different for a woman. Anyway, any success stories to give me hope, would be appreciated.

Wishing you all the best and thanks for understanding

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