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Hey Guys!!! I know it's been awhile. I saw there were some BFP's so CONGRATS to you ladies. I have a question for ya...I just had my IUI today. My RE has me do two IUI's back to back. So I took my HCG shot on Monday, then went in yesterday for my IUI and then again today. Well this is technically my 4th round of IUI's and I havr NEVER had severe cramping like I did today. Does anyone have any experience with this? And whats weird is that it didn't start until 3 hours after the IUI. Any advice/insight would be great!!!


Hi Kia!

I've never had severe cramping from IUI before, but I have read about many women who did. I believe it is completely normal...even if you didn't experience it w/ the previous ones. Every cycle is different, and I think that's why this whole process takes so long. It's trial and error each month.

Wishing you all the best for a bfp this time!! Hope you are feeling better already. :)

Hi Kia,

I also did not experience any cramping after my IUIs, but have read that others have. When I went to a class on injections and IUIs, the nurse was describing the entire process and explained that one of the reasons the sperm is washed (aside from trying to get the best swimmers) is to remove all of the other cells/plasma (I can't remember what she called this extra stuff) because if any of it is present, it can cause bad cramping. She said that the cramping doesn't mean anything bad, but that it's uncomfortable. So, it sounds like it can be normal. If it continues, though, I would contact your nurse, just to make sure.

Good luck! I hope this cycle is it!!!
I haven't done IUIs before, but I have been researching fo ryou, and my 'results' are the same as the other ladies--- it's pretty normal. But it's your body dearest, don't ignore your insticnts. I'm not telling you freak out, because it's most likely very very normal-- but I think that if you have any concern you shoudl call the nurse. :angel: Good luck with this IUI, I really hope this is the one!!!!!! And welcome to your TWW!!! :D:D:D

Kia- Was the sperm count higher than normal? I had an IUI where the sperm count was like 25mil( our normal sperm count was between 7-15mil) and had really bad cramps after wards. I called RE and he said it was fine it was probably because of the count

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