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Hi hopeful...I just wanted to tell you that I had a similar experience this IUI....I had some cramping as well directly after she finished. I was thinking it had something to do with the fact that it took her a while to get the catheter in because my uterus is a bit tilted, I don't know why this time was tough and not the last 3. Anyway...wishing you lots of sticky babydust this month. How are you feeling??? Courtney
Hello ladies,;)

thanks so much ladies for your words of encouragement. I too am hoping that those are the reasons. :angel: Today I feel a tiny tiny bit of cramping, probably not even detectable for the average non TTC person but of course we are hyper sensitive to any twinge or feeling. :jester: Today would be 3dpIUI so it could be the little bean implanting (I am soooo hoping this month). Also feeling a bit bloated but could just be from the meds, but staying positive.

I will keep everyone updated. Lots of luck to everyone else.

Glad to know someone else had a similar experience. Did they give you any insight? My uterus is a bit tilted too and sometimes I feel a little discomfort when the cathereter is in because it feels like she is poking (which I suppose she is). But this time I didn't feel that but wow, when it started, it really was uncomfortable. My DH kept telling me to calm down and relax but I wanted to hop off the pillow and stand up to find relief. But I knew my duty was to stay put and let those swimmers go the distance.

Thanks ladies!!!

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