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My IUI was ok, mild cramping during and after the procedure but nothing that bothered me. I was told I could take Tylenol but it didnt hurt that much. Absolutely no aspirin, no ibuprofen, no lifting more than 15 lbs. But my biggest follicle was only 16mm 2 days prior the IUI and I had the trigger shot a day before IUI. So I wasnt sure what the follicle size the time of the IUI.
My last cycle, my biggest follicles were 20mm and 17mm after 50mg clomid trial but I was hesitant to do the IUI and went for the natural way.
Obviously it didnt work. My DH sperm count was 212 million with 98% motility so I thought that there was no way, it's not gonna work. But we ended going for our first IUI. Like I said before, I feel that my AF is coming coz all my symptoms are below the belt. :confused: Been ttc for the last 10 months.I know there are lots of women here that has been thru a lot and I salute then for their strenght. Thats why, I am here. Im not ready to tell friends about my fertility issues yet, some of them are still single and thats not something they wanna hear. The health boards allows us to express ourself and I am so glad.
By the way, thanks for your prayer. I feel the same way for you and for all the women in this board! Im still hoping and praying for the BFP at the end of this month.....

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