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I have heard that Vitex Agnus Castus (or Chaste Tree) can help to maintain the proper balance of female hormones. It is specifically useful for pre menstrual syndrome and menopause. It has been used for centuries but I must say that when I took it last year it didn't result in a BFP. However, I think you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Good luck, hope this helps!

I have heard the same thing as Ruby--- it helps balance female hormones, but I haven't really heard anyhting outstanding about it resulting in a BFP. I have heard, though really miraculous things about False Unicorn Root and Maca. Especially Maca. I was on Maca when I ws younger and not ttc, but trying to regulate my periods. It worked!!!! I only stopped it because, the only available form I could get it was in powder form and I really didn't liek the taste. Strikingly similar to warm beer. :p But if you have a credit card and are comfortable using it for Internet purchases, then there are many different forms of maca that you can try. Good luck, and let us knwo what you find out!!


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