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Hi all,
After years of trying DH and I finally sought help. I was supposed to have a cervical insemination but we discovered that my cervical fluid wasn't allowing his sperm through, in fact the few sperms that made it through died, quite horrific to watch on a monitor!
Anyways, we ended up doing an IUI. On day 11 I stupidly did a home test with the results showing negative, I"m going in 2 days for the official blood test, I'm quite sad but hoping for a surprise?
Next cycle I know better.... I should patiently wait. There's always next cycle but I am hoping that perhaps it was too soon to tell with the home test. :confused:
Hi Canadian Girl,

I just wanted to welcome you to the boards. I'm sorry you got bfn on the hpt, but there is definitely a chance you tested too early. It sounds like you haven't given up hope, and that's a good thing. :angel: I'll be praying for a surprise bfp for you w/ the blood test. Good luck!!

Hi Canadiangirl, firstly welcome to the boards. I am so sorry you caved in and did a HPT and got a neg (those sticks are truly evil:D), it could be too early to detect pg. I got three neg before I got a positive so do not loose hope.

Good luck for you Beta in two days time. Sending Lots of baby dust your way.

Hi Holly and Charlene,
Thanks for your kind message, much appreciated!
This has been a bit of a struggle for me (as I"m sure it is with everyone) as I am really the only member of my group of friends who is not a parent. So, I find everyone is having a hard time relating and although people are trying to help there have been some very insensitive and thoughtless comments made. I think that people just aren't sure what to say (or not to say).
I'm glad that I found this board, I think it will be a great support while going through this time! :)
Hi Canadiangirl I know how you feel. I am the youngest in our group of friends and I am the only one who does not have children and I am the only one who has ever suffered from IF. This board has really helped me and these ladies here are wonderful friends.

You have come to the right place for support and encouragement.
:wave: canadian girl! :D I, along with every lady here, I think can COMPLETELY relate to insensitive things people can say. Luckily, you wil never hear those things here. For me, this board is a safe haven----if it weren't for the ladies (and the few, the proud, gentlemen :angel:) here I would probably be crazy! ;) You've found good friends for life coming here :angel:

I'm sorry those evil sticks gave you a BFN. Those things really are horrible. But who could blame you? The 2ww is so hard. I'm just praying that you get those high positive numbers!

Already feelin' the love! And yes, those sticks are pure evil lol!!! :mad:

Thanks everyone for your kind replies!
Hi Canadiangirl and welcome to the boards you have come to the right place and you will soon see how great the women on the boards are.I am sorry you are going through IF I wouldent wish it on my worse enemy.The only thing you can do is stay strong and just keep going and keep reminding yourself of the outcome.I hate those HPT's and I pray it was wrong and you get a BFP when you go for beta.Please keep us posted and take care.

Thanks so much everyone! I have my blood test tomorrow and I am SO stressed out...
My breasts are so sore and swollen so I"m hoping that's a good sign. Mind you I"m on projesterone so I'm thinking it might just be a side effect.
So much information yet not enough information, I'm driving myself crazy!

Thanks again everyone for your good wishes..
Hi there, and welcome!! Just wanted to let you know that I too caved in yesterday (11dpiui), and got a BFN. My doc had said to wait until Friday to test, but I just couln't resist. At least you get a blood test tomorrow, I wish I did!! I will keep my fingers crossed that day 11 was just too soon for us!!
Hey Canadiangirl! Hope you are finding some way to relax this evening. Your beta will be here in the morning. Wishing you tons of luck! Crossing my fingers the progesterone is not the cause of the sore and swollen breasts!!!! Good luck dear!

79miles - Sending babydust your way as well! Just a few more days and you will know for sure hun!
Canadian Girl, good luck w/ your beta this morning!!!! Hoping the symptoms are not a result of the progesterone but early signs of a bfp. :D:D Keeping everything crossed for you.

79miles, hoping 11 dpo was too early for you as well. Tons of baby dust headed your way. :angel:

Good luck for your Beta this morning I am keeping everything crossed for you. :D

********:angel:baby dust :angel:***************

Good luck praying for that BFP.

Thanks all for your positivie wishes...
Unfortuntately it was BFN. This is my first round and my emotions are going wild. (mind you I'm sure it's like that every cycle).

I'm hopeful and ready to start up again next cycle but I'm getting stressed out as it looks like I will be ovulating during the 2 days that I have to go away for work.... And then in December, I'm concerned that I will be ovulating over the holidays when I am out of town with the inlaws... .

I know it's beyond my control..... I'm just waiting for my period and hoping, praying that it takes it's time arriving, it's due today......

Oh dear, I am so sorry Canadiangirl. :( A BFN is never easy. Huge (((hugs))) to you. I think it's great that you are looking forward to trying again. And I really hope that AF accomodates you for this upcoming cycle. Hang in there hun.
I'm sorry, know just how you feel. AF showed up for me a few days ago, before I even got the chance to test!! So, I'm back on clomid... Hope you're doing ok. We WILL get our BFP soon!!!!
I just joined this board. I've been teading it for a while now.

We've been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years now, had 2 iui cycles with no success.

Any suggestions?

I think we're going to do one more.

Thanks to all of you.
Hi Canadiangirl.

I am sorry it was BFN. I know how disappointing that is.

I just want to make a comment - when i read your posts you sound incredibly reasonable and level-headed and just all around calm and collected. It's quite impressive for someone going through IF. Believe me, these character traits will serve you well as you go through your next cycle.

I wish you the best for the next month and i hope all the timing works out so you don't have to feel stressed on top of being out of town and with the holidays and all. Good luck!
Thanks CBB! I've got a good support network, great family and friends... I'm trying to stay positive!
Unfortunatlely I'm having to go out of town on day 13 and 14 of my cycle this month, the trip is for work and there is nothing I can do to avoid it.
It looks like I'm sadly going to have to sit this month out...
Oh CG, I am so sorry :( I'm wishing you a lot of lucks and sending ************babydust************** for next cycle. BTW-- where are you on your cycle? Will you wait for ttc after the holidays?

I think I will try over the holidays, I'm off work and it will make it much easier to monitor in the morning (such a challenge always being late for work.... )
Well at least it gives us more time to save for a house right?
I think that's a great idea, you might just end up with a very special present this year! :D

It's funny you mention saving fo ra house---- that what DH and I are saving for. We recently sold our Winter Chalet---it brought in some money, but that money is going towards our trip home to France and general savings. We have to stay in a hotel when we go to France, because we just found out that Dh's sister will be visiting to, and staying with my MIL and FIL, and DH does NOT get along with his BIL. (At a party at a family friend's here in Canada-- SIL lives here too-- in front of everyone, DH's BIL told DH to tell me that my dress was too revealing and to cover up.)

So that's costing us--- and the house we live in now isn't really family friendly, with too many stairs and such. We're holding off until the new year for ttc too--- mainly because after this surgery, we can't BD at all for six weeks---so it's kind of forced on us. At least there's quite a few of us who are starting again in 2008! :D Hope you're having a good day!
HI MY name is Jena I am new to this forum, I am ussually on a different one.
I ran accross this one while I was searching for iui on ******. I was reading and was so sad that you got a bfn. I also tested on the 19th and got a bfn and started clomid again and should be getting my iui on the 3rd. so we will see , I was having all the symptoms and thought I was preg but sence learned that almost everyone has the same symptoms preg or not. we just have to wait. And that 2ww is *HUG* to everyone trying! Baby dust to everyone~Jena

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