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Hi all,
After years of trying DH and I finally sought help. I was supposed to have a cervical insemination but we discovered that my cervical fluid wasn't allowing his sperm through, in fact the few sperms that made it through died, quite horrific to watch on a monitor!
Anyways, we ended up doing an IUI. On day 11 I stupidly did a home test with the results showing negative, I"m going in 2 days for the official blood test, I'm quite sad but hoping for a surprise?
Next cycle I know better.... I should patiently wait. There's always next cycle but I am hoping that perhaps it was too soon to tell with the home test. :confused:
Oh CG, I am so sorry :( I'm wishing you a lot of lucks and sending ************babydust************** for next cycle. BTW-- where are you on your cycle? Will you wait for ttc after the holidays?

I think that's a great idea, you might just end up with a very special present this year! :D

It's funny you mention saving fo ra house---- that what DH and I are saving for. We recently sold our Winter Chalet---it brought in some money, but that money is going towards our trip home to France and general savings. We have to stay in a hotel when we go to France, because we just found out that Dh's sister will be visiting to, and staying with my MIL and FIL, and DH does NOT get along with his BIL. (At a party at a family friend's here in Canada-- SIL lives here too-- in front of everyone, DH's BIL told DH to tell me that my dress was too revealing and to cover up.)

So that's costing us--- and the house we live in now isn't really family friendly, with too many stairs and such. We're holding off until the new year for ttc too--- mainly because after this surgery, we can't BD at all for six weeks---so it's kind of forced on us. At least there's quite a few of us who are starting again in 2008! :D Hope you're having a good day!

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