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I had a d&c on 9/17 for a miscarriage at 9 weeks. I still have yet to have a period. In fact, I havenít stopped bleeding/spotting since the d&c. For about a week after the d&c, the flow was like a medium period then it just tapered off to brown spotting/discharge. Well it still hasnít stopped! (and itís been 8 weeks post d&c) At about week 6, I started having TERRIBLE cramps and a period like flow and it lasted about 4 days so it sounds like that was a period right? But since then, the brown spotting/discharge has resumed.

So I went to my doctor and heís done a pelvic exam, blood test, urine testÖ everything has come back normal! (thank goodness) So he then ordered an ultrasound to check everything out. The ultrasound tech saw a cyst on my left ovary (the dr. wasnít concerned about the cyst) and the tech also saw blood that looked ďstuckĒ. The doctor feels confident that itís not tissue left behind from the d&c and I believe the nurse also said that that the blood isnt from the d&c. Anyway, he has now prescribed me Provera 10 mg for 10 days hoping that that will ďjumpstartĒ my cycle and get everything out.

Does this seem right??? I mean I think that heavy flow and cramping I had a couple weeks ago was a period so why give me medication to induce a period? The problem Iím having is continued spotting. Has anyone taken Provera and been successful with it? This is just so frustrating b/c DH and I want to try again and this healing/recovery process has just been a nightmare. I guess Iím looking for advice or success stories?
Thankyou both for the reponse. I greatly appreciate it. I am also concerned with the spotting. It has began getting even lighter and itís just a dull, light brown color. I really hope by taking this Provera it hasnít messed things up even more b/c like I said, Iím not sure that the lack of a period is the problem but rather the spotting. I think/hope he just prescribed it so I can get a period and hopefully lose that blood that is ďstuck.Ē Iím glad you mentioned getting a second opinion. I really havenít felt comfortable going through this process with my doctor just b/c I donít feel Iíve had the attention and care that I deserve. I certainly do not think I am any better than anyone, but Iíve made appts to speak with him when his nurses donít call back and I feel like Iím being rushed and Iíve thought about going the female doctor in his office. Maybe she would be a little more sensitive and caring to everything. I just donít know.
Actually your first period after a birth or miscarriage is really strange.

The provera will start your period. I've used it numerous times since I have a very irregular cycle. It builds your lining and then when you stop it suddenly it causes you to start AF.

Also, provera is used during pregnancies when your progesterone is low. Usually during the 1st trimester until the placenta takes over on progesterone production.

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