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So I am taking 10mg of Provera for 10 days (I will be finished with them on Sunday). My question is, the induced period that comes after quitting Provera, will that count as a real period? I miscarried back in September and my dr. gave me Provera to get everything going. He told me I should wait 1 cycle before TTC. Now, technically, I had what seemed like a period about 2 weeks ago and he said it sounds like that was my period however, I have continued spotting which is why he prescribed Provera.

So… will the “induced” period start sometime next week if I take the last pill this Sunday? And my main question is, will that count as a period and can I start TTC after that?

Your provera period will count as your normal period, I also had to take Provera one cycle when my period was missed and I took it for 10 days and then the following day my period started and then on CD 3 I started back on my clomid and went from there. So, it should be the same for you (I hope) but you can always double check with your RE. Mine wanted me to let them know right away if my AF didnt start a few days after taking last dose of Provera.

Hoping it all works out for you and you can plow forward. Sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage, but Provera should help clear everything up and you should be good to go :):angel::angel:
CW, I have also taken provera a few times to induce AF and yes it will count as a full blown AF. I took 10mg for 10days and then waited for AF to show she took 4 days after my last tab to show.

I am not sure about the ttc I would suggest you call your RE's office just to make sure.

Good luck

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