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Re: Update
Nov 19, 2007
Hey Kari sorry to hear yo are not feeling 100% better but at least you are better.Sounds so weird though cause it doesnt sound like you had a bug.Who really knows what goes on inside our bodies.I remember the night after my IUI last month I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad pain in my side.I know it wasent my stomach but the pain was so intense I dident sleep at all and DH was away for work.So I was alone but thank god I hung in there all night and finally went to sleep that morning around 9 am.The worse thing was since I had my IUI I dident want to take anything.So I really toughed it out I said this pain was pretty bad so I cant even imagine what labor will be like.:oBut hey I say bring it on we are some tough women here.Well I am glad your NP agreed not to push back your cycle that was so sweet of her.I am sure you will be better by tomorrow anyway.Well sweetie take it easy the rest of the day and take care of yourself.Have to get that body ready for ER and for your little ones to snuggle in that tummy.I know we will soon have little ones like godson and we can finally share our stories of our little ones.Godson is to adorable the things he says and does sometimes you just cant help but laugh at him when you should be skolding him.Ok sweetie take it easy and keep us posted.


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