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I was on 10mg for 10 days. My last pill was 11/18 and I still haven't seen AF. On Thursday, I had a little bit of brown stuff so maybe that was withdrawal bleeding?? It didn't last long and it wasn't THAT much. Is it normal that I still haven't started a period? When I was prescribed this, the nurse said after the last pill, I would experience withdrawal bleeding then in another couple of weeks, I should have a period. However, after reading of other's experiences, it sounds like I should've had a period a period by now. :confused::confused:
I know that every time I've taken provera i started the day after my last pill. I'm sure that everyone is different, but I think you should've started by now. I would call your doc and tell them what is going on. Good luck!!
Just wanted to add... I took a preg. test yesterday and it was negative so that can't be it.
Hi I am sorry AF is being such a wicked witch. My RE told me that it can take up to 10 days from the last pill for AF to show. The last time I took it AF tokk 5 days to show after the last pill. I hope AF shows up soon. If after 10 days she has not showed I would phone your dr.

Good luck
Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. When I started the Provera, I figured I'd be the one that it doesn't work on! Ugh. I miscarried and had a d&c on 9/17, had wat I think was my period 6 weeks later. I continued spotting after that b/c some old blood was just stuck up there. Well I passed that last week so now all the spotting is gone, thank goodness. I was prescirbed Provera hoping that when my period came, it would flush out whatever was stuck. Well I passed it but no period has come so maybe my body is going by the period I had 3 weeks ago? I don't know... *sigh*
Oh hun, I am really sorry for you loss. I am also sorry AF is really giving you a hard time here, I don't know what else is happening with you, but maybe you are right maybe your body took the last period 3 weeks ago as the real thing. I am sure you must be so frustrated by now. I would wait till the end of the week and if still nothing make an appointment with your DR. I hope everything sorts itself out this week. I know after my m/c and D&C I got AF after six weeks and then I had to take provera to bring on AF so I could take clomid.

Good luck I'll be thinking of you.

Oh dearest, I'm sorry you have to be gong through all of this trouble with AF. It's ridiculous how 'jumpy' that witch is. And especially after your d&c... I'm sorry for everythign that you must be going through right now, dear. I would do as Char says-- wait until the end of the week, and then if still nothing, then call your doctor.

Good luck, and keep us posted! :D


I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, and not knowing what's going on with AF is making it so much more difficult. I would definately contact your doctor if nothing has started by the end of the week. I don't know anything about Provera - I'm waiting at this point for AF to come on it's own. I really hope that you know something really soon!!!! Again, I am so sorry!

Hi CW, Just wanted to let you know that the first time I took provera to induce a period it took a full seven days (after my tenth pill). The second time it wasn't quite that long, but I think it was like 4-5 days. I sure hope AF comes soon for you so that you feel better about things and then you can get back to trying. Good luck!
Well, today is day 9 after the last Provera pill and NOTHING! I don’t even feel her coming on. The only thing I’ve noticed are these little sharp jolts of pain on my left side, ovary region. It comes really quick and suddenly then it’s gone. It started last night and was coming every few minutes for just a little bit then it’s done it a couple times so far again this morning. But it doesn’t feel like a period is coming. I’m so frustrated. And I hate to call the doc back b/c all the nurse will say is “be patient, give it another week or 2 weeks.” Be patient??? I’ve been patient for the past 2 months! Ugh ugh ugh. Why me. :(
I'm so sorry that AF is still in hiding for you. I know you just want to move on. I really hope she shows soon. Until then, know that we are here to listen as long as you need to vent. I do agree w/ the other girls. If she still hasn't shown up by the end of the week, it wouldn't hurt to call the dr's office again.

Hugs to you,

OOoh that AF!! She is a slippery one. She comes when you don't want her, and when you need her, she's nowhere to be found. I wish she could come for you. I knwo the wait is hard, but just as we said before just give it to the end of this week. And if nothing, then call and insist on an appointment so that you can talk to the doctor. Or at least tell them to give you mre advice other than "be patient."

Good luck!
Well, today is day 12 since my last pill and NADA! I don't even feel her coming on. I'm going to call the doctor on Monday, figured I'd give it a full 2 weeks. But is something wrong with me???? Before getting pg, I was on the pill for 7 years and before going on the pill, my periods were always regular. I had that U/S done a couple weeks ago and everything looked normal on that other than a cyst on my left ovary which the doctor wasn't concerned about. Is something wrong????
Hi CW, I am SO sorry that AF is still be extremely uncooperative with you. :mad: I honestly can understand your frustration. I definitely think it is a very good idea that you phone your doctor. And I don't think that anything is wrong, it's just another one of those unpredictable factors and obstacles that come into play with IF. Please let us know what your doctor says, and wishing you lots of luck!
UGH!! I can't believe she hasn't shown up for you yet! I'm so sorry!!!! Your frustration is completely understandable. Like Kari said though, I'm sure there's nothing wrong, it's just AF being her usual uncooperative self. :mad: I think calling your dr on Monday is a great idea, but I am keeping everything crossed that you get a visit from AF over the weekend and won't have to.

Good luck!!


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