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When can you take a pregnancy test after Frozen Embryo transfer
HI Jess and welcome to the boards. I have never had a FET but I would imagine it is the same as any cycle. You can test after 14 days.

Good luck I hope you get your BFP:D

Hi Jess and welcome! I have never done a FET cycle, but I imagine liek Char it would be 14 days, although I have heard somewhere that testing after 12 days is okay too. Keep us updated!

Hi Jess, and welcome! I have a FET next Thursday. I think the time frame for testing depends on whether you are transferring cleaved (day 3) or blast (day 5) embryos. I am transferring cleaved embryos and I will prob wait 11 full days before I HPT. My beta is scheduled for either 12 or 13 days after my transfer. But if you transfer blasts, they should really implant the same day as the transfer or the day after. So I think you could prob test at about 8 days past the transfer and you could get a positive result. But nothing is certain until that beta, so don't rely 100% on that home test if it shows a negative! Good luck!
A HUGE round of applause for Kari and her answer! :D Good job, dearest!! :D

****************babydust************* to us all!
We don't do beta at my clinic but we do HPT and we have to wait 16 days regardless if it is frozen or fresh. I am doing the wait at the moment. It is a long time. Most of us test early. 16 days to way to long.


Princess, you are so darn cute! I just love that you bring so many smile to the board!

Pauline - good luck to you!!!!
Kari, you are so supported and such a treasure to us! No matter how you are feeling, you always are around to let us lean on you. You will be a wonderful mother-- I know that this is your last year without a baby, I know it.

Pauline-- What a wait--16 days!! How will you do it? Will you test early?

I hopefully will be doing a FET next month, depending on lining thickness, and my hubby asked a nurse at our RE office today how long we would have to wait for a blood test and she said only 7 days. So hopefully, it's the same with you and you won't have to wait too long! :)

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