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Re: Update: Pt 2
Dec 2, 2007
Lizzie WOW! That is awesome!!! You are on your way! That is so cool you were able to work yourself into that last spot for the January IVF! I can not wait to support you through it all. Even if you aren't on the board a ton, I will still be thinking of you. Will you have another course start after the New Year? Good luck with your last two weeks. It's almost over!

Char, you really have me smiling over here! Are you still dancing? Cause I don't want you to stop until my appointment tomorrow :jester: Just kidding.... just send me some thick lining vibes and we'll call it good for now ;) Thanks for your support hun, it means a lot.

Mapia, I think we are all so lucky to have found each other. We've been blessed with some very special friendships as a result of IF... for that I am thankful. :angel: I'm feeling pretty good about December myself. I really believe this is going to be a great month, and a BFP would be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas! I keep staring at my calendar wondering when I can count the hours instead of days till the transfer! It is very soon! So did your DH have to work today? I hope you guys enjoyed your movie last nite... I love those relaxing evenings in front of the tv!

Kelley, thank you hun, your enthusiasm really helps to get me fired up! I kinda have butterflies already! I keep telling my DH to think very positive about my lining and super positive about our embryos. I keep telling him to say to himself that our embies will be great quality and they are probably so excited to be transferred so they can come meet their mommy and daddy in nine months! :angel:

Hi CBB! Yes, I think that my beta would be on the 18th, so we'd have a week to confirm a strong rising hcg and then we could really have ourselves a great Christmas! I hope it's an honest to goodness Christmas miracle for us this year!

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