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Hi Bee's Wife. Well I definitely can add a very different perspective/experience. First, all RE's practice a bit differently, most likely based on their personal experiences as well as that of their embryologists. My RE and his embryologist make decisions together.

Embryos absolutely can be frozen before blast stage. In fact, all 15 of my embryos were frozen before blast. We had 17 successfully fertilized embies the day after my E/R. On the morning after E/R (so day 1), my embryologist immediately froze nine embryos. 8 were left out and 2 of those transferred on day three at the cleaved stage. The other 6 were frozen that same day... so day 3. For my FET this coming Thurs, the embryologist will thaw 3 of the 9 embryos that were frozen on day 1 after fertilization.

I know that I mispoke in a prior post of mine (I think in response to Mady), but what will happen is they are going to have to thaw those 3 embryos this Tuesday, and then watch them develop for 2 more days until they reach the cleaved stage (hopefully!!!). That's when they will do the transfer. (If they were going to thaw the 6 that were frozen on day 3 for a cleaved stage FET, then they would thaw the 6 embryos Thursday and transfer Thursday.)

The other option that I was presented is we could thaw a larger selection of embryos and see if they develop to blast stage and then do the transfer. If we aren't succesful this time (which we WILL be ;)), then I will take that approach next time.

I do know that an embryo's ability to make it to blast stage is a better indicator of future development and therefore implantation. This may be why your RE/embryologist will only freeze embies that make it to day 5. But my RE has tremendous success with his preferred method. My neighbor, who referred me to my RE, has a 2 yr old girl and brand new twins (boy and girl), all result of FET's at my RE's practice. So you can see why I feel so confident. :angel:

I hope that helped and didn't confuse you. :) Good luck sweetie!!!! BTW, is it a fresh cycle that you are embarking on? I imagine it must be if you are doing a day-3.
Well, up until today i thought we would be doing a fresh cycle in january. Then I had my RE visit this afternoon and I pretty much freaked out and had a nervous breakdown in the office!!!! I just don't think I'm up to it yet after this last miscarriage.
So, my doc suggested a FET with our one good little blast embaby. her reasoning was "It's much less invasive, less costly, it was a Grade 4 perfect embryo, so why not try it?"
Well, what do you all think??
Should we do a FET with just one blast to transfer?
I know our chances of a pregnancy are pretty slim with just the one, so do you think it's worth it?
Bee's, I will beta next monday. But I will HPT tomorrow. I did the transfer on the 28.
My fresh IVF was my first and was negative, and we jumped on the FET cycle right away.
I did hear of FET success after unhappy fresh ones so why not give it a try.
The chance rate is all statistics, who knows, maybe our perfect little ones have 100% chance to stick. :D
And fresh or frozen, they are still our babies, gotta give them all equal chances, right?
Good luck to you, when do you start the BCPs?

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