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This is crazy, I don't know why anything would be related but possibly they are. I had my first IUI Thursday morning like I had mentioned earlier. That night I had sever nausea. I wanted to throw up so bad but never did. That continued until yesterday so I have been in bed for two days. I am feeling much better and started to eat a little but now my shoulder hurts very badly. I don't know if I might have been laying wrong or something. The dr. never mentioned any side effects of an IUI and I wouldn't think there would be any except for minor cramping. Anyone elses expirences would help. Thanks
Hi Jennifer,

First of all I want to wish you luck on your IUI I pray you will get a BFP.I have had many IUI's and I never had any side effects other then mild cramping.Maybe you caught little bug or something and it was just coinsidence.I am glad you are feeling a bit better today take care of yourself we need you strong for a possible embie to stick.Take care and keep us posted.


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