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Just a refresher, I had a m/c and d&c back in September and continued having brown blood for the next 2 months until finally having an U/S to show that I had blood that was “stuck” so I was prescribed Provera to hopefully flush that out. I posted last week about not having a period after the Provera so I finally called and left a msg. at my doctors office today and the nurse just called back.

My last Provera pill was 11/18. The morning of 11/19, I passed whatever was seen on that ultrasound, it was a large, hard brown clot looking thing. The nurse just told me that that should be counted as my period b/c it was my uterus’ release. Does that make sense???? I told her that I didn’t have any kind of flow after releasing that clot. That was it, no more spotting or bleeding or anything, just that brown clot. She said that should be considered my period and to expect my next period around the week of 12/17 and that I should be ovulating around now.

-My first issue with this is that after taking Provera and since it builds up the lining, shouldn’t I have expected more to be shed than just that clot??
-Second, the Provera wasn’t out of my system long enough to “trick” my body into a period. I would take the pill every evening and I released that clot the next morning after my last pill.

Does this make sense?? It just doesn't sound right to me.
Hmmm, that is very interesting. Well I don't recall that my periods were significantly heavier after taking provera in the past, but I think that I have heard some ladies say that theirs were. I also have heard some ladies say that the also bled the very next day after their last pill, but that certainly was not the case with me. I think you should definitely consider what you were told, and BD right now just in case you are near O. But if you don't get a BFP or AF by the 17th or very shortly after that I would phone them back and maybe see if you can get in for an appt. I'm wishing you lots of luck. I hope that it will be a BFP on the 17th!!!!!
Thanks for the encouragement Kari... really, I appreciate it. Gosh, I sure hope that is the case but... I took my last pill the evening of 11/18 and passed the clot the morning of 11/19. I just don't think it was out of my system long enough to think that it was time for a period. And on 11/22, I had about an hour of heavy brown discharge, that's it. But, we'll see. I've spent the last 2.5 months waiting, what's another 2 weeks? :(:(:(:(
I'm so sorry that you're still stuck waiting. It's not easy at all. I wish I could offer you some advice, but all I know about provera is what I've learned from these boards. If you truly don't trust what your nurse told you, then I would recommend a second opinion. Good luck to you. We will support you 100%.

CW - I am so sorry that things are going so roughly these past few months! It's so much to deal with!!

I would also say to BD just incase you are ovulating - you never know, and it couldn't hurt. I really don't know too much about Provera, so I wish I could be more help. Is there anyway to speak with your RE instead of the nurse just to be sure?

:confused: Kelley

that is a very interesting experience, does not sound fun at all. Did you have any cramping or other PMS/AF signs. I would be frustrated too if I were in your shoes, it is hard to trust and believe everything the nurses tell you esp when you have a thousand questions and feel like they aren't giving you the answers you are looking for.

I only took Provera once and had a normal AF arrive the day after my last pill. So there is my two cents. I know that the provera does clean things out so perhaps that is all that was there, if it was a giant clump, maybe there wasn't anything left to come out.

hope that helps. I would try to call again and get more answers though or just get more clarification.

good luck to you and keep us posted:angel:

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