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Hi Kari!

How are you?

I know i am late posting but I still wanted to check in with you. I am so happy 3 embryos survived the thaw. That is testament to their strength. and remember, they don't have to be 8 cell to implant. all it takes is one to find its way and snuggle down. and then it will continue to grow and divide and will be 8 cell overnight. this will happen for you. not everyone has "perfect" embryos, and sometimes the perfect ones don't make it and the unusual ones do. so please don't give up hope.

now let me tell you a story about my DH and his one insensitive moment and how he'll never be insensitive about IF again because he learned his lesson. back in the beginning, way way back years ago when we were first trying and hadn't gotten to IUI or IVF, AF showed the day we were leaving for Jamaica for my 30th birthday trip. I came out of the bathroom hysterical, because of course here i was turning 30 and had been using opk's and thought that they would fix everything. i was so naive. so DH was sitting on the bed and i went over to him and put my head on his shoulder and was crying. and when i finally lifted my head some snot had come out of my nose and got on his shirt. he yelled at me for getting snot on his shirt. i could not believe my ears. so then my temper came out, and i just totally freaked out on him. like a screaming banshee. i threatened him saying if he didn't want this baby as much as me then there would be no more sex, that we might as well split up if his heart wasn't in it, etc. of course i didn't mean any of it but i wanted to hurt his feelings like he did to me. well after that episode he never ever did anything so ridiculous regarding IF. i think i scared the crap out of him. and many times after that when my IUI's and IVF failed i cried on his shoulder, snot and all, and he never said a word. now i am not saying you should behave badly like me, but i just wanted you to know that even people as gentle and sweet as my DH can sometimes say the worst things to us. But if you hit your DH with a frying pan over the head i wouldn't have blamed you:D

My thoughts are with you. Please take care and rest so those embies can make their home.

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