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Wow, what a horrid experience you had. I am surprised at his lack of tact. I would recommend having another SA. I know that it can vary. My DH had 2 SA, one said his count was double what a normal man's is but his abnormal was really really high. So they thought it was male factor IF, then we repeated it and his SA was low in volume but the abnormal was fine. When we had appt with RE, he said the sperm were perfectly fine. So, we are utterly confused as well.

As far as options, I know for male factor IF, you can try IUI (that overcomes sperm issues) and clomid (that will increase your targets and give more options for the sperm to hit. I would be surprised if your RE would let you go straight to IVF without trying those options first. But then again, if you have awesome insurance, why not go straight to IVF. It is really up to you and your DH as well as what direction your RE suggests you take. I know if I had ins coverage for IVF, I would probably want to go straight to that too and quit "wasting time". As far as trying naturally, I think that you should have the ultimate say as to what approach you take, after all, it is your body and your right. Also, you are paying customer.

Good luck to you sweetie and keep us posted.

In the meanwhile, I would share your story with your RE and OB/GYN, maybe they can refer you to someone else if they really want you to see the urologist again.[/QUOTE]

Well, the IUI won't work if his count is only 200,000. You apparently need count of at least 1 million for it to work. And as for clomid, the issue again is that he only has a very low count. The RE said that with a count of only 200,000 the chances of even 1 sperm making it to the egg are slim to none. If DH's count is indeed only 200,000, then IVF is our only option to conceive. Most men have a count of 20 million. So his is REALLY low. And the RE said that while it can vary, the count will not usually jump from 200,000 to 20 million.

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