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I go today for my CD 21 progestrone check and I'm praying for a # 10 or over. So wish me good luck. I'm 5 DPO and actually I feel pregnant. No real solid rock symptoms I just feel pregnant. Having pinching and twinging still ever since O and my nipples are so sore......wish me luck. And good luck to the rest of you wherever you are in your cycles.
Good luck Brandi!! I' really hoping for a good number!!! :D:D:D:D

Hi there, please explain to me what day 21 progestrone check means. sorry, just new at this, thanks..

I'm thinking about you! Praying for good numbers!!

Normajj - a certain level of progesteron is needed in your body in order to sustain a pregnancy. the level won't tell you whether or not you're pregnant, only the hcg test will tell you that. but, the b/w will tell you that the progesterone level is high enough (usually the RE's offices like to see it over '10') to sustain a pregnancy.

Again, good luck!! :) Kelley

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