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[QUOTE=Daisies4monkeys;33***73]I'm 28, DH is 25. All my tests are normal, DH has count of only 200,000. So we are doing first IVF w/ICSI in January. The clinic I'm at says we should have a great chance, but I worry that it won't happen. We are supposed to move to Canada from the US in the spring, so we really will only have two cycles to try. Does it usually take more then one cycle?

For those who've conceived using ICSI, how many times did it take? What are your "stories"? How many eggs did they take? Did your dh have issues w/ his count? DH's numbers were low, motility was a bit low, but morph was excellent.

We are doing a repeat SA on the 14th.[/QUOTE]

We have no known problem. The only reason we go this route is because my DH had a vasectomy. Using his frozen sperm, we did IVF/ICSI last month, 21 eggs retrieved, 15 fertilized, two excellent blastocysts transfered, 13 embies frozen. Last week I got the bad news, Ivf did not work for me this time. I guess I'll do FET whenever we have the money again. But I hope it works for you. Good Luck.

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