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Most statistics say that there is roughly a 50% success rate with IVF.
We did our 1st IVF in July. We used DH frozen sperm samples and did IVF with ICSI. My doc wanted to do a 5 day blast transfer. I only had 8 fertilize, and by day 5, none of ours were blastocysts. They transferred 3 morulla on Day 5....BFN. Our RE then decided our best next move would be a 3Day transfer the next time.
2nd IVF was in September. My med dosage was increased a little and resulted in 17 fertilized embryos at the time of retrieval. We transferred 4 8-celled embies on Day 3 and.....BFP! We have only one frozen blastocyst left over after 2 cycles. My doc said that only about 30% of the time you'll end up with "leftover" embies if you're lucky, then you could try a FET!
I was pregnant with just the one baby (no multis in our case), but then miscarried at 10 weeks. We're not sure what we'll be doing in January...either another IVF or maybe try the FET with just the one embie. I dunno! But i'm not giving up yet.
I hear many stories on success with IVF the very first try. But, like in our case, the first try was more of a "practice" cycle. A very, very expensive practice cycle. But the docs learned from their mistakes and tried new things the second time and it worked!!
My RE already told me that for our 3rd IVF she will not change the protocol at all because it did work the 2nd time.
2 cycles may be all that you need!

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