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Re: Kelley
Dec 29, 2007
Hi Kelley!

I just read your post and I remember your post about Dr.Gas before. It is very nice of you to stay calm around rude medical staff. I will probably be bitching right there and then. I know, you dont wanna be known as the grumpy patient so maybe ignoring them is the best. The rude nurses are probably related to the stress thrown by the rude doctors or disorganized management, we never know. Or they are just plain rude at all...
The clinic I go to has a customer satisfaction survey card by the clerks desk that you can write on anytime if you wish to complain or applaud someone of their job with or without providng your name or info. Ask for a customer satisfaction survey form in your clinic. I believe, it is one of the JCAHO requirements. (The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)

As for Gonal-f, we dont really know how they dose the medication. I just started on Gonal tonight and they want me to do 150 for 2 nights then 75 for the other 2 nights and U/S and b/w on the 5th day.
I also have 1 residual cyst this cycle. I know my last U/S I had one dominant follicle 22.5mm and most likely hasnt been released.:mad:

Im hoping for a better quality follicle but I know my ovary can be hyperstimulated with injectables and only 15% chances compared to clomid. Chances are not that even great. Clomid gives 10% chances with IUI according to my RE and injectable maybe 15-20%????.
But I am holding to every inch of that chance so to answer your question about BDing, I would say "You go Girl"!!!:D take all the chances you can. I hope this coming year is for all of us....


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