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Holly, it's wild isn't it?
Kelley, I have to believe that it will work this first try, only have money and emotional strength for one shot (plus any frozens).
Kari, ectopics at least let me know we can get pg. Too bad it didn't go in the right place, hopefully with IVF's precision, that will be our ticket.
Aimee, we are hoping for / aiming for twins. I think that is awesome that you proudly tell people about their IVF origin. I want to help raise awareness of IF. Congratulations!
CBB, I can totally relate ALL of my family and friends are incredibly fertile - generally more worried about birth control and vascetomy decisions. It makes it very tough to get real support even if they try to understand.
Cashahn, we are also doing ICSI! Which at my RE's clinic means we have a 72% success rate. 56% twins.
This could really be it. Oh I hope so!
Wishing you all the best of luck and patience and love and hope.

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