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Hi all,

I'm a new poster to the site, although I've been following some of your stories for a few weeks. I heard some interesting things from my RE last week and thought I'd share in case it helps someone else.

My story: After 1.5y trying, my OB/GYN scheduled me for blood work & HSG. My bloodwork is great, husband's SA is good, and HSG indicates clear tubes, so she gives me a clomid prescription (50mg) and we conceived our daughter on the 2nd try (unmonitored cycles) in 2003. Fast forward to 13 months post-partum when my cycle finally returns and we begin to try for #2. We had no luck after 6 months, so we go back to clomid. 6 trys (3x50mg, 3x100mg) with no luck, so I see a local RE and get the "unexplained infertility" diagnosis. More bloodwork (all normal), so we try 3 more clomid cycles. Nothing, so we follow with 2 unmonitored, drug-free IUIs. Then 3 monitored IUIs with 50 mg clomid. For each one I'm told my follicle(s) and lining are "beautiful, just perfect". But still no luck, and my husband does not like this particular RE so we switch to a new one. The old RE has also brushed aside my concerns about my luteal phase (it's 10d) so I'm ready to try a new place too.

I'd always been a little leary of the clomid- I ovulate regularly- but thought that since it apparently worked before it made sense to try again. The new RE tells us that after 12 clomid cycles there is increased risk for ovarian cancer, so I'm done with that. HOWEVER, he also mentions that a HSG can be used to flush the tubes (my paraphrasing, his was more medical). For up to 4 cycles after a HSG your chances of pregnancy go up. The lightbulb finally comes on over my head and I realize that we conceived our daughter on the 2nd cycle after the HSG. Perhaps it was the HSG and not the clomid that did the trick! So anyway, at the start of my next cycle I will get a HSG, and begin injectibles on the subsequent cycle (for good measure). I hope I can report success on this technique, but regardless I wanted to share my story since I was unaware that a HSG could be used as a treatment and not merely a diagnostic tool.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else out there conceived successfully in the 4 cycles after a HSG! By the way, hubby and I are now both 34.

Good luck to all, and Happy New Year,

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