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Hi Phil.

I read your post and it sounds similar to what I have experienced in the past. When we started ttc I was 30 and DH was 34. It took us 3.5 years to finally get pg. (So now I am 34 and DH is 37). We tried 6 months of clomid and 7 rounds of injectables, 4 with IUI, and nothing worked. we were labeled as unexplained IF. and just like you, over those years we watched many friends go on to have babies while we sat childless and hopeless. We had to do IVF 2 times to get our miracles. We are now expecting twins. So my point is, don't give up. IVF does not always work on the first try. We had only one frozen embryo after doing the first fresh IVF so we had to do a fresh cycle again. After the first IVF failed, our IVF team met to discuss what went wrong and they didn't really have any suggestions for doing it differently the next time. they said everything had gone along as they had hoped. so we did the same protocol again and it worked. there were many times i thought all those shots in the rear were for nothing, that it would never work, that the pain and anxiety were too much, but i always tried to remind myself that if i wanted a biological child, this was what i had to do. i was devastated when the first IVF didn't work and i was scared it might never work. but you must press on if you both want a biological child and are OK with another IVF. I hope my story gives you hope and strength to continue on the path to parenthood, either by IVF or by adoption. It will happen for you too.

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