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Hello. I have posted to other forums on this site before, but never here. I wanted to share our story to get advice, feedback and encouragement. I will do the best I can with your abbriviations, etc.

My wife and I have been TTC for 3 years. I am now 35 and she is 32, almost 33. First 2 years did natural method, trying to time it out etc. After 1.5 years, I went in for SA. Everything was good. Then a few months later, my wife went in for blood and HSG at regular gyno doc. HSG normal and hormones not quite right (can't really remember cause it was a while ago). So clomid for 6 mo. to no avail.

Then referred to IF doc, who ran tests and had us do 1 month to get base levels of everything. Saw that hormones were a little off, so we started 3 mo. stim with every other day u/s and blood for her. Tried first mo. of this natural and the 2nd two mo. with IUI. Nothing there either. Next move IVF.

After this past Thanksgiving we started our IVF cycle with the Folistim, Menopur & women's viagara. This led up to the Dec. 7th egg harvest where we got 16 eggs. After matching my S with them they made 10 embryos, 1 full blast and 3 others close to that. After the 5 days we did a 2 embryo transfer (IVF) & froze the other 2. We then sat back for our 2ww.

Everything seemed to be fine, except for the shot every night and 3 HCG boosters done along the way. Blood tests said everything was normal, but we never asked deep enough questions to get exact levels, etc. Last blood test was last Friday and the call came that we didn't need anymore HCG boost. On monday, X-mas eve, wife had small spotting, we felt wierd about it and I picked up 2 HPT's. She took one and it was BFN. We were devestated and on the verge of hosting x-mas dinner the next day. Tried to keep hope alive by saying she was not a test person (never had an OPK show positive either) and got through the dinner ok. Still small spotting up until tonight when it is now a full blown period.

Our beta test was supposed to be tomorrow (Thurs 27th) and we are still going even though we know it did not work. Emotions have gone from sad and devistated to extremely mad at the process and questioning everything. End our ropes...don't know what to next...or even ask the IF doc.

Through this 3 years, all friends have kids (some on their 2nd). 2 friends gone through the IVF process and were successful on first try. We thought this was the final answer. Nothing is medically wrong according to doc's.

We don't even know how to talk through what's next. Should we try the frozen embryos? I don't want my wife to have to go through much more of this. It kills me to have to do the shots everynight! Is this all for not?

Adoption? Wouldn't even know how to start that process....

Any feedback is appreciated. Regards.

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