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The very first round of clomid I did with the first Dr I went to did no testing no u/s. I had no explaination as to how the meds worked that I ended up screwing up the first cycle with the prometrium. Needless to say after 4 rounds of clomid and up to 150mg I switched Dr's.

The Dr's prescribe the days you take clomid on how long your cycle is. Of course everyone's DR is different, but this is how it was explained to me. If you run 26-29 days then you'll be 3-7, if you run 30-33 days then your 5-9. Generally if you have a 31 day cycle reg then you would O around day 16 verses if you have a 28 day cycle you may O around day 14. Now if your a 30 day cycler and you O around day 18 they may put you on days 3-7 to try and up your O day to between 14-16. The later you O I guess is not considered a viable O. I think its anything after day 18. I've had a Dr say sometimes even as far as day 20. When you O and they do bw they like to see your range around 10 or above, if I O'd later than day 18 my #'s were in the 7 range, which according the the RE meant poor O, when I would O around days 14-16 I would get #'s over 10 which is meant a great response.
Of ocurse you would not know any of this if your not being monitored.

My suggestion is to call the Dr and see what days you are suppose to take them. It should have been printed on the label of the perscription, I actually think that is the law?

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