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Ovulation question
Jan 7, 2008
Bare with me as I'm still trying to fully understand this whole fertility thing. My question in a nut shell is can you ovulate even if the home test strips don't show you are?

I am in my 3rd cycle of clomid, I just take the pills and then get a check up at the end of each cycle. I take the pills CD 5-9, the first cycle the doctor told me to test days 12-14 and I did and didn't show any ovulation. The next cycle he said buy a 7 day package, start on day 13 and just use all the test until you show an ovulation. On day 19, I finally showed an ovulation last cycle. I am now on day 19 of my current cycle, and am now showing a positive on the ovulation test. However day 13, I felt some sharp pains and cramps in my right ovary. DH and I baby danced days 14 and 15. Day 16, I became suddenly ill at work, feeling of nausea, light headed, and dizzy. It lasted about 20 minutes and all the other ladies at work instantly said they thought I was pregnant. So I guess what I'm really wondering is, could I have ovulated early and the test didn't show it, I did struggle with using them for a few days right around days 13-15? If so, how do I test positive now too? Would implantation be possible to happen that quickly even if it was successful on day 14? And is it possible to experience morning sickness so early in pregnancy? I have been having horrible upset stomachs about every morning that last about 2-3 hours.

Sorry it was so long, but any insight would be much appreciated.

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