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I'm back:)
Jan 24, 2008
I only have a few mins, but everything went well. DH got a little testy for a min when DR said he wanted to do ICSI, so we've come to a conclusion that we'll do 50/50 as long as I have a good # of high quality eggs. Anything under 6 we will only do ICSI.

DR is a little nervous about stims because at my day 11 u/s last week he said I had a TONE of follies and women with PCOS tend to over produce follies (thus having a higher FSH # because we're producing more in a month than we should, so we're loosing more faster). So, instead of getting an u/s every other day during stims I'll get one every single day and be closely monitored with the meds. He said he is going to start off with a higher dosage and work his way down to a good #. We'll "play" with it.

So assuming that AF shows on Feb 3rd, I'll start BCP on day 3, on day 21 (feb 23) I'll start Lupron and take it for about 15 days. Once my period starts I'll stop the pill. On day 2 (mar 2) I'll start Gonal F and take for 10 days (mar 10th) and the next day will be trigger and on Mar 12th will be ER and he does 3 day tranfers so it would be the 15th of mar and then he does a 10 day b/w for 3 days straight. Oh, I'll start progestrone shots the day after retrievel.

Man o man lots of stuff and so confusing. He also said the timeline can be altered by a few days depending on how I react to everything. He wants me to continue taking Metforim. If I get PG then he'll wein me off it up to 13 weeks. SOmewhere in there is a protocall for baby asprin as well. I left all the paper work in the car so I'm winging this.

I am so excited, I'll start getting this ball on the road in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

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