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I am so sorry for your losses. I had many losses myself and it breaks my heart to hear of anyone else going through it.

I may not be able to help you find your answer but, I just thought I would see where you are in this. Have you had any testing done? Many tests and procedures can be done to help find out if IVF is the best and next step for you. Have you been to a specialist?

I have heard of many women having success after that many losses so stay positive even if IVF is your next step!!![/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear about your losses as well and thanks for replying with your good wishes. I have been throughly tested - all normal and they cannot find anything wrong with me. I have now been put in that dreaded category of " unexplained infertility/miscarriage". My last miscarriage was in 2005 and now I seems that I cannot get pregnant, which is why they want to try the IVF. From what I have read, IVF is a very emotional process. I could handle going through it and not getting pregnant, but going through IVF and then miscarrying, I don't think I would handle that very well. I know that I should stay positive...believe me I am trying but from everything I read, the odds of success are really not in my favour. That is why I was hoping to hear some success stories...I am in definite need of hearing that someone beat the odds!
Were doctors able to determine why you have miscarried.

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