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I spend more or less $1500 since I was on injectables. Reason for that is the ultrasounds and Estrogen level blood test were more monitored compared to Clomid. I have my basic U/S and bloodworks on CD3, when results are good then starts with 4-5 days of injections then they ask me to come for U/S and B/W. If the ovaries and estrogen level are okay but follies still not mature enough, they ask me again to give another dose of injection the come back again for U/S and B/W. Trigger shot once a good size follies were attained then IUI after 36 hours. 2 days after IUI, I start on Progesterone vaginal suppositories twice a day for 2 weeks until beta shows negative then they stop you with progesterone.

My U/S and B/W cost like $250-$350 each time. Beta is $110
My RE prescribes Gonal-f RFF Pen and it comes in 300 units pen, 450 units and 900 units pen where you can adjust the dose and give the shot to your belly. My RE starts me with 150 units for 2 nights=(300 units) then 75 units for another 2 nights then I come for the test next day. If follies are still small, he will ask me to give another dose of 75 units and come back again next day for the test. Sometimes, I have extra remaining in my pen coz even though it says 300 units, it is usually filled with 75 units more. (It was tough making appt since I work full time job and either late or absent to work)

Gonal-f RFF pen 300 units in walgreens cost like $314 and I need 2 pens
I dont buy in walgreens, I buy from this online pharmacy and it only cost me $219. So the 2 pens only cost $438 ($190 savings) + Ovidrel (Trigger shot) $44.25. My RE faxes the prescription to them, they are located in Massachusets and they deliver by Fedex next day for FREE
Progesterone is only like $6.53 each while walgreens charge like $8.30 each
My RE clinic actually suggested them to me even thou Walgreens is 2 miles from my house.

If you have a prescription, ask your RE to fax it to them. Once they got the prescription, they will call you to set up the date of delivery. Since I am already in their record, I just call them for refill. If you are interested, I'll tell you the pharmacy name.
Hope that gives you a better picture of the IUI with injectables and cost.:)


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