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Hi Laurie, Yes, that bloated feeling is normal at this point in your cycle. I know it's very uncomfortable and it can seem a little scary. I had 54 follies my first try at IVF and within a few days of stopping the stims (cycle was cancelled) I almost felt 100% completely better. As Aimee said, it could get a bit worse after you trigger and even more so if your embies do implant... but even if that happens, your doctor will be monitoring you closely and will ensure you take action to fend off OHSS if necessary. Hang in there sweetie... hope your BFP is right around the corner!!!

PS - I have my frozen embryo transfer a week from Thursday, so I'll be right behind you in the 2WW. Good luck with your E/R on Thursday and let us know how it goes!
Hello, ladies! Thank you so much for all of your support and good wishes. Here is how it went down:

Went in at 8, in the procedure room by 8:30, in the recovery room before 9. I was put out so I didn't feel a thing. When I woke, I felt terrible cramping, but was told that a pain med was put in to the IV and it would kick in soon, and it did...

The number retrieved... thirteen. :) I think that's good, right? My RE seemed happy. He said he would know more about quality tomorrow. I didn't ask how many would have ICSI, but I think half. He also mentioned assisted hatching would help the embies adhere to my uterus, so he planned on doing that, too. Of course I came home and researched what that meant, and it sounds like a good idea. He told me I would know much more tomorrow, and that I should plan on the transfer happening on Monday... and then the 2WW.

Today I began taking doxycilin and medrol to prevent infection and prepare my uterus, as he explained. He told me even with my hydro tubes, still no fluid, which is good (that is my biggest worry because an embryo won't take if there is toxic fluid leakage.) Still worried about that...

I'm not going to get my hopes up too high just yet, because it is my first time and I know it doesn't always work on the first try, but I am cautiously optimistic and have an overall good feeling about this.

I feel less fat and bloated today, but a little sore. Last night was the worst in the bloat department. I guess the trigger did that. I felt like I was going to lay an egg- I could hardly move. Today much, much better. :)

I was told to take it easy for the next few days, and of course after transfer. A walk is fine, but no running, jumping, heavy duty exercise for a while. It's just not worth the risk after all of this.

So... tomorrow we find out more. Greatly excited... cautiously optimistic... and wishing BFPs for everyone because we deserve it!!!


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