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Ladies, you are all so very kind!! Thank you so much for starting this thread!! :D

Well, last night, Dh was being a....well, he was being a child. We are both tired and fighting a cold, so HE was allowed to be cranky, but heaven forbid I am. :mad: But then I said to him that he's being absolutely unreasonable, and no, I will not accept it. I'm a very easy person to get along with (sorry if that sounds boasting, but I am very laid back) but I told him, don't think that I'm all sugar and spice. I can whip it out with the big boys, too.

So anyway, after leaving him alone for an hour he comes back all whimpery and cute and snuffly and apologizes for being rude. I told him that honestly, he's very cute, but I'm sick too and I don't feel like talking. I just want to curl up in a corner and sleep. But then he cleverly pointed out that when I came home, I said that I wanted to talk after dinner. And I said that I just want to wait until we aren't feeling "after-arguement-cute-and-cuddly" because I want to be serious.

So, fine. We played a few videogames, I cleaned up the kitchen (he had cooked and therefore the kitchen was a terror! :D) then searched on the computer for ghost sighting and scary videos and watched. Well, ok, he watched, I covered my face liek a little coward. :D

Anyway, sorry for rambling, we finally did sit down and talk. I made all of my points very clear and had explain a thousand things to him. Did you know he barely knew anyhtign abotu ovulation? I started off by telling him about Clomid. And then Provera. But when I saw he was not understanding 'causing a uterine bleed without ovulation' I had to start from the very basics.

I tried my hardest and my best, but I still don't think he fully understand how a woman can have a "period" without ovulation. Like, how Provera would induce a bleed without actually ovulating to cause it. Because he kept asking "If Provera woudl make you have a period, why do you need a fertility drug? Wouldn't you just get pregnant if you have a period?" (Honestly, he shoudl stop by here. I htink unexplained IF woudl blow up his poor head :jester:)

The end of the story is, he said "Honey, you do what you feel is right. I don't understand any of this science medical [email protected], all I understand is that we want a baby."

So today, at the doctor's office, he prescribed Clomid and Provera. I did tell him everything that DH and I had talked about, regarding money and la la la. He did say soemthign to me though, that got me...not worried, but just thoughtful. He didn't mean to scare me, I know that for sure. But he did say "I don't want you to feel rushed because you ARE very young, but due to your body's tendency to be annovulatory, even after surgery, I wouldn't leave it too long, especially if you want a big family." Nothing worrisome, but it did get me thinking. And he even mentioned on his own that he is a father too, and a husband. And he looked me in the eye and said "And I didn't relaze this until after my children were born... but tell your husband that finanically speaking, there really is no perfect timing." So that I will tell DH, and he can stop listening to that stupid floozy friend of his whine about how much money it takes to raise and child and could we please loan her $500.

Sorry, rambling again. All right, ladies, that's my story. I'll be reading the threads and catching up, and then I have to print off some literature to explain more about cycles and Provera and Clomid to DH. :D The joys of IF...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! Midweek!!

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