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Kari-- it was SUCH a long evening. Up and down, up and down. But in the end, it worked out :) I will definitely let Dh knwo that Dr speaks from experience, and a lot of people would. even a couple of men at his work tell him that they have brothers or whoever who waited, and now here they are, ten years later and still no baby.I just wish Dh would listen to them too, you know?

Holly-- LOL, I'm trying so hard to find the sites that I found yesterday, but I can't find them!! Rrrr... they're the ones with all the information. All I can find now is stuff on Depo-Provera, which isn't what I'm using. Stupid internet!! :D

So my prescription says that I am to take provera for five days, and then on CD 5-9, I take the Clomid. And CD 10-16, BD every other night. :angel: Fingers crossed!!
Good afternoon ladies!!!

Mapia-- I'm feeling a little bit better today, I had the morning off, so I had the chance to sleep in and clean around the house (nothing makes me feel better than a fresh house). I hope you are doing well too!

Char-- Lol, after we got back from the pharmacy, Dh needed another talk on whats going to be happening. I think I scared him when I told him how much we will be BDing....he's VERY tired after work, and can only usually do it 2x a week, so every other day sounds daunting to him! :D Well, I just need him to lie still and do the man part of it. I can do the rest. :jester:

Aimee- Thank you,dearest, I love my doctor too. He has such loyal patients because of that. One woman was rushed to the hospital for some reason and she told everyone that no doctor wil touch her, until he gives them the okay to do so. :eek: He really is a wonderful doctor and I hope he helps me to get my BFP.

Kelley-- Have a good day at work, and I hope your hair is dry before you go out! :D I hope I'm closer to my BFP... I really hope this is it, or at the very least that my body reacts appropriately to the Clomid.

Praying-- I'm happy you're happy! Thank you! Well, I have to take the Provera before I take the Clomid. So I start teh Provera tonight, for five days. And then on CD 5-9 I take the Clomid. And then CD 10-16, BD!! :D

I'm just a little bit worried. I just looked at the calendar to find out when these CD days may be, and Dh will be ona difficult shift then. I will be working 9-5 on most days (except on Wed and Thurs when I work 1-5) and he will be working 3-11pm. So only on Wed and Thurs mornings will we be able to do anyhitng, excet maybe a quickie on a few other nights. But he willl be so tired, I don't knwo if I will be able to convince it still possible that I will get my BFP?

Hoping everyone is having a great day, and remember, tomorrow is friday!!
Amy-- LOL, sorry, now you have to deal with kowing "hey, Princess BD'd today!!" LOL. Oh wow, the things we tell each other here. But I will definitely have to work out what CD Wed/Thurs falls on. The boys really can live 5 days in there? I really hope so, I just hope they can make it; from the sounds of it, I'll need them to. Hopefully I can persuade Dh for a quickie here and there. For sure on Wed/Thurs though. Rrrrr, why does my first cycle have to be the messed up one? I haven't even started yet and I'm frustrated with it!

Mapia---LOL, I'll do my best to use them to my advantage, lol. If he lets me near them!!!! :D:D:D:D I swear, sometimes, I'm the man. :jester: But I'm really counting on this sperm living up to five days inside thing. :angel: I start provera tonight!!!! :bouncing: I'm so excited!!!

So tell me ladies, how bad is Clomid, really?? I'm kind of nervous abotu turning into an emotional witch.... and I know that would kill the mood LOL.

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