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Re: G/L Kelley
Feb 2, 2008
Well, second IUI is now done -- so I am officially back in the 2ww :D!

I still get so frustrated with my RE's office for not giving me any details, and after today I am thoroughly confused. The doctor today did actually speak a little, and said "wow, we're on the up and up today! before the wash, the count was 5 million and after the wash it was 14 million. Good". ?? How would the count go up? I'm assuming that's a concentration, then, right?? I try to sneak a peak at the sheet of paper they have me initial, but there are so many numbers on it, I have NO idea what they mean. I saw the column where the '5' and '14' were today, and it said "Tot. Mot. / Before and after wash". Yesterday that column said 47 and then 44. I am so confused! How did the numbers go up after the wash, and then is it normal they'd be so low today? I REALLY wish they would explain things! But, it's just "legs up on the stirrups" and then "goodbye" with the doctors talking to the nurse the whole time. And, yesterday, the specimen was pink?

After the IUI yesterday, I had a little bit of blood this time, and since last night, I've had a throbbing pain (not severe, but it does hurt especially when I sit down or stand up) in my right side. Much much more than a twinge. It was also throbbing last night while I was laying down. Not sure what to make of that. I hope that it's not anything bad.

Silver - My RE's office automatically does the IUIs back to back. At 12 hrs and then 36 hrs after the trigger. I'm not sure how helpful it is to do two of them, as by the second day the sperm count is so much lower. I've seen plenty of the girls here post that their office only does one. How's the wait treating you so far? Oh, and I know.... (I was SO sad about Charlie :()... anyway!

Mapia - you are too funny! I'll have to convince DH that BDing that often is not good for the sperm count! I don't think I'd have the energy, lol! He was too funny coming out this morning from giving his sample. He said "Spermies, Do your squirmies!". The two of us started laughing so hard, I couldn't even look at him, in the waiting room! How are you today?

Kari - I'm working today. I came straight from my appointment. I'm tired from getting up so early - and the day hasn't even started yet!!!! You'll be right behind me in the 2ww -- I'm getting excited for you!!!

Lizzie - Yes, hopefully this 2ww will be it for us!!!!!!!!!!! E/R is next week, right??

Well, off to do some work!!!

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