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I am assuming you are having a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG to check for blocked fallopian tubes, and unfortunately, there aren't any symptoms that you would be able to tell on your own whether your could be blocked or not. :( I am the biggest baby ever and was scared to death to have my HSG, but it really wasn't bad at all. :jester: Thankfully, I did not have any blockages, but I have heard if there are blockages, it could be more painful.:mad: However, my RE gave me a muscle relaxer shot in the backside and I was told to have a full bladder (that is supposed to make it not hurt so badly) even if they tell you to empty your bladder, don't do it!!! :jester: that is what my RE said. Also, sometimes there are risk factors that may make blockages more evident, such as history of m/c, ectopic preg, scar tissue from past surgeries, STD's. My OB/GYN wasn't concerned with ordering me an HSG b/c I didn't have any risk factors, but my RE ordered it right away because he didn't want to waste any time if there were blockages and what ever protocal we were doing would have been pointless.

My RE had me do the HSG right off the bat before he started me on treatments, but perhaps he wants to consult with you before your HSG to tell you what to expect, etc. Or maybe he wants the results to come back and then discuss what is working, what isn't working, how aggressive you want to be, etc. My RE would only do 3 IUI's before moving on to the next step, ie IVF. So maybe he wants to discuss what you are willing or not willing to do.

Hopefully, your consult will not delay your efforts and you can quickly push forward with treatment.;)

Lots of luck with your HSG, hoping they are perfectly perfect and clear and it is painfree. Please let me know what you find out :angel:

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