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Hi, This is my first month on the drug clomid. I did 5-9, 50mg. We have been trying for 6 months, but AF comes every month. I showed a positive O but no EWCM. Does this mean I am still Ovulating? This happened yesturday, CD 14.

Thanks for your help.
I haven't been on Clomid yet, I'm waiting for AF.:) But I have heard extensively that Clomid can dry out cm a little bit, so I htink it's entirely possible that you O'ed without EWCM. A lot of women O without making EWCM, as well... EWCM is the ideal though. If your cm is thick and lotiony, that is also fertile cm. I hope I helped in some way! If not, I'm really sorry!
Hi Glo

When I was on clomid I O'ed and Had no EWCM either so try not too worry I think you stilled O'ed.

I hope this helps.

I wouldn't worry either, perhaps you didn't visit the bathroom at the right time to notice it. I have been on clomid 50mg and have had months when I could really tell and months that I could not.

lots of luck to you sweetie. you can always question the nurses on that one too, give you some peace of mind.:angel::angel:
Yes, you did help. I didnt know that, thanks. I'm hoping your AF doesn't come and you have a BFP, but if not I've heard clomid can work on the first try around. I hope it works this time for us. Now we have the 2ww. It's always hard to wait. I took a HPT the first month trying and I was so sad that I haven't done that again. I just wait for AF.

Take care
I have also heard that clomid can inhibit the production of EWCM. You could perhaps try taking flax seed oil, drinking green tea and plenty of water. There are also products like preseed which is a sperm friendly lubricant on the market which also may help. Wishing you all the best.

Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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