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Hi Holly! -- How are you today? One more day to go for you - wohoo!!!! I actually called the NP and left her a message to tell her that I would be on vacation next week (she had my beta scheduled for Sat. the 16th), so could she move the beta to Monday the 18th. And that since we'd be out of the country it might be a bit difficult to call when AF shows mid-week, so I'd have to take next month off if she shows. She called me back and left a message saying everything I posted. I honestly think they would have just continued with another IUI if I was around and AF came, because they never mentioned anything about meeting with Dr. Nice in her other messages. Well, let's just hope I don't need to meet with him, right?

Hey Mapia! -- How is your day going?! I hope you're having a relaxing day! I know - I shouldn't get ahead of myself... I'm trying to stay positive! I just don't want to get my hopes up, because I don't want to be really blue on vacation - and I know I'm going to cry if AF shows on Valentine's Day! I have to keep telling myself, it would be so cool if I took a HPT during a bathroom break on the beach in Belize and it was '+'! But, I think I'm just going to wait it out next week, no HPT!

Ruby - Thanks for your positive thougts for me! I need all the positivity I can get!!!!

Princess - I'm glad you are feeling better too!!!! I'm really hoping AF shows for you very soon!!! I'm dancing away!!!

Kari - Lol, AF should show sometime Weds through Friday while I am away, but if she doesn't I'm not going to test anyway, so I won't know till Monday the 18th after I get back (so I'll be going crazy waiting too!!!). But, if for some reason I do find out and have good news, trust me, I WILL find internet somehow and post for you guys!!! Although I keep saying I'm not going to test, I keep wondering if I should pack a HPT in my suitcase JUST in case it's Friday and AF still isn't here... Hmmm... would that jinx me? Yay -- you'll be joining the wait this afternoon!!!!

I officially do not enjoy the 2ww!!! :D

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