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Hi Mrs. Wow, what an exciting proposition. To be honest, I have been dreaming of such an offer falling into my lap... I'm afraid that's the only way my DH would consider adoption.

The wife of my DH's BF (who has become one of my closest friends), went thru something similar except she was on the other end. When she was in HS & 17, she got pregnant. The baby's father who also was 17 was a bit of a mess (he subsequently got another girl pregnant and later committed suicide), and since they were so young a decision was made to give the child up. My friend's father approached someone he knew from work who had been TTC for a while. I don't know how they worked it out legally... The adopting family lived in another state so I'm sure that affected things. But after the adoption my friend never got to know her son, but the baby's grandparents who helped arrange the adoption (much like your friends from the bowling league), made yearly visits to the child posing as "family friends". When the child was 17 and a Sr in HS, he was told the truth about these family friends and actually made a visit last year to meet my friend, his birth mother. It went fine, but so far it appears he has chosen to not stay in touch with my friend, but I think he understands the reason she gave him up and knows she would be open to a friendship with him if he ever wanted. More importantly, I think he knows how much his adopted family loves him and I don't think he thinks of his family any differently.

Well Mrs I wish you the best and look forward to hearing of your decision. Good luck sweetie!

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