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Re: Kari's 2ww
Feb 10, 2008
Hahaha, Ruby, I have definitely over-indulged in the krispy treats! :D I've eaten healthier since the transfer, but I have not held myself back on the krispies! And I love the way you said hugs to the four of us :angel: I'm feeling okay I guess. I finally did a little research on line searching for the ideal duration of progesterone supplementation in an IVF cycle and everything I read essentially lead me to believe my cycle should not have been at risk for my medicine error. In fact, I got the impression that maybe it could help... not sure why my RE would have considered cancelling :confused:, but thankfully it was good news that I read... you know how it is when sometimes you try to read up on line and regret it ;) So I actually feel a tiny bit better. :)

Lizzie I think I had your home in Europe confused with Amy... I think she lives on an island. Well I looked up Devon County and it's beautiful... lots of coast and everything. Nice! :cool: As for the implantation yes, you are right... blast on Day-5 then implantation can occur then or very soon after. I think it takes a couple days before the embryo is completely implanted... have you heard that? Since we did assisted hatching my RE said that implanting could start even earlier... so it def should have begun by now for me. And your baby (or babies!!!) are surely digging in for their long stay as I type! Oh, hey BTW, I noticed that my road name is shared by your county town and cathedral city! How funny!

Hi Laurie! I can't believe you already HPT'd! You silly girl :nono: :D Yes, it is no doubt way too early considering you only did your transfer on Tuesday! So that's interesting they will do a blood test on Wed as well as Friday! Nice they don't make you wait super long. Your cramps sound promising... don't worry about not spotting... although it can occur and be a good sign, I think that's only for a very lucky few. I'm not loving this 2WW that's for sure. I really don't have much hope for myself since nothing seemed to go well, but I [B]know[/B] there's still a chance. Afterall there are 3 embies inside of me, hopefully at least one can miraculously hang on to my pathetic excuse for an endometrial lining :jester: Well I'm so glad I have you and Lizzie to cheer on... I'm certain your BFP's will keep me believing in IVF. :angel: Babydust my friend!!!!
Re: Kari's 2ww
Feb 11, 2008
Hi girls! So busy today! It was nice getting out of the house... I got cabin fever being cooped up in here for 4 days! Plus Mon is my busy day for DH's business... Mapia, you must have remembered that. Don't worry about being nosey... we seem to know so much about each other I'm surprised I haven't spoken about DH's business! He owns a handful of apt buildings and ~five 4-plexes by the beach in San Diego. He's a crazy control freak so he doesn't have a mgmt company run the props... he has a couple managers on site at the big buildings but he supervises everything. I just pay the bills, process deposit refunds and help with rent rolls ;) I plan on quitting when I get pregnant :D

Cashahn, I sure hope that's true... I definitely think this was my worst IVF transfer yet, and it would be the coolest ever if I could say this is the one that brought my BFP!

Hi Lizzie!!! My beta is 2/19. I'll HPT the morning before... that seems to be the routine I've developed. :o How are you feeling? Any sensations or symptoms that you could read into? Nada for me, but believe me I'm tuning in, looking for anything!

Holly, hahaha, I just ate the last krispy treat! They are so addicting! Maybe that will be the thing I crave most when I get my BFP :D

April, yeah it was shocking I actually felt better after looking up info on the net! :D As for the volunteer position, it's been frustrating... I was supposed to call today and get an appt set up for my health screenings and the lady said no one ever entered my background check info. That should have been done last Wed! So now I have to wait another week just for that and then I have 4 trainings before I actually start! Extensive process, that's for sure!

Char, you are so sweet. Thx so much for keeping me company. It's weird cause when I was TTC for the first 2 years I prob had 22 2WW's in 24 months. Now that I've been doing IVF, this is only my 3rd 2WW in almost 10 months!!!!!!! I just feel this tremendous pressure and I think it makes me crazy :dizzy:

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