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I'm spotting, just a tiny, tiny bit light orangy pink on 10 days post IUI which was yesterday. My 2ww was uneventful until yesterday. I had a really bad cramps 4 hours after my IUI and had a feeling that I release an egg that afternoon. Im 11 days post IUI today. No sore boobs, no cramps. I had sore boobs the first 5 days after IUI but now it's gone

Im thinking it is only pink because of the progesterone white tablet melting next to my celvix diluting the color of spotting. There's no active flow, I dont even wear a pantyliner. Only when I wiped and sometimes there's nothing there (Sorry TMI )

This is exactly the same thing that happened in my 3rd IUI but last time, I had dark brown spotting 4 days before beta. I convinced myself for 2 whole days that it was implantation spotting, and then beta day came and it was negative, my period arrived in full glory after stopping progesterone inserts.

It's far too late for implantation spotting at 10 DPO, isn't it? Yes, I know, it is. I think this might be it for this cycle. Just like last time, my body won't even do me the courtesy of making it to beta...Im 3 days towards my beta.
Im not even sure if I can go the RE on the 14th as I am working and no one can cover me since it is a V-Day and already has level 1 warning for my tardiness and absentees.

Is my luteal phase decreasing? or my cervix is irritated by the progesterone inserts. It couldnt be low progesterone because Im on progesterone insert to boost fertile environment for my uterus. AF normally is 26-28 days and I spot 12 hours before AF but today Im only on cycle 23. I can't believe this.

Was supposed to have beta today but since I already have Level 1 warning at work for tardiness and absentees, I rescheduled for tomorrow.
So far the spotting havent showed its face anymore buy yesterday I had a clear eggwhite like CM that looks like the one when you are ovulating. It only happened one time and now it's gone.
I really do not want to do HPT. Im just so scared of whatever. Im having mixed emotions. I also have occasional cramps on my pelvic regions. No sore boobs. No nausea. No dizziness. I feel absolutely the same. Im tired by the time I get home and that's because I've been working 12 hours (6am to 6:30 pm) for the last 4 days. Will have day off tomorrow to do the beta at RE's office. I have been praying so hard. 2 nights ago, I dreamed of holding a healthy baby. It looks like the baby is about 1 year old and I handed it to my sister. I also dreamed of letting a green cat (kiwi color) into our house. We already have a tabby cat and I thought it would make our cat happy for having another cat. But when I woke up, I realized there is no such thing as green cat. It was so weird!
Tonight, DH grilled a terderloin steak, baked potatoes and cooked asparagus in garlic and lemon plus a small heartshape cheesecake from Eli's for our valentines since we were both working. We just stayed home and watched Lost. Anyway, we will find out tomorrow. This 2ww is driving us, ladies crazy. And yes, will keep rubbing the Buddha's belly too ;)


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