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Hi dearest!!
The appointment went really well and I'm very hopeful. My gynecologiste says not to worry my sweet head (he talks liek that lol) and that no matter what, we'll get me pregnant. Even if he has to pass me on to a colleague of his that's an RE.
But he did give me some medicines that will hopefully work. He gave me one that I have only heard of here, so hopefully you ladies can tell me what it's for before I have to do the dreaded reading online (which is nearly always a negative experience)
He said this....
Estrace... 1mg daily or is it 2mg daily? I can't read his writing. But for ten days.
Provera 10mg daily for five days.
And that shoudl give me a bleed, and then on day 5, start taking Clomid. And then on day 20, I go in for a progesterone blood test. (Why?)

If the estrace and provera don't work, then he will refer me to his colleague who is an RE and will get me in right away.

BUT--- he also asked if I felt pg at all. And I don't. I don't have sore breasts, or anything. I have been a little queasy now and again, but that nowhere near everyday, and it's usually because I'm either hungry or working off a cold. But my doctor ordered a beta just to make sure. Accoording to my old gyne...Dracula, I was on Provera for a bit as a teenager, and it always worked. So my current gyn, he wants me to get a beta done just to make sure before we start the estrace and provera.

I'm being so silly. I'm trying to be positive without raising my hopes. But it seems what I do to one, I do to the other. I am positive, I raise my hopes. I am realisitc, I become negative. But I tell myself, I haven't had a period even after Provera, and I get clear CM everyday. So maybe, maybe not. :angel: But my fingers are crossed just in case. I'm so silly.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day!!!

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