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Thanks for all your replys ladies. It didn't feel like a hot flash I got with Clomid. The rest of me was actually cold, it was just my cheeks that were burning up. It was gone by the end of the day though, so I'll just attribute it to hormones and move on!

My first day of stims started off okay. My Lupron of course was a piece of cake. I also had my Menopur this morning. I had some difficulty because I was using a QCap to take in the liquid from the vial and I kept getting this giant air bubble. I couldn't tap it out and it continued to happen everytime I tried. So, I just proceeded with the air bubble and it ended up working okay. I don't know if anyone else has used the QCap before. It makes it easier to get all the meds into your syringe, but the bubble thing is throwing me off! Oh well, it worked! Tonight is my Gonal F which should be easy too as I've done that before. I go in for BW on Sunday to make sure we don't need to adjust any doses.

Cashahn, I'm very excited for you to be so close behind me. When will you find out for sure when your stims start? Still waiting on AF?

Holly, Thanks for your excitment. I am absolutely thrilled to be starting stims! Things are going to go so quick from here! I can't wait to hear how your embies are doing!

Kari, Thanks for stopping by. I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping you get a big fat zero today. As I said above, I'll be doing Menopur (75 units) and they decided to be safe and keep me at 150 of Gonal F. They can always adjust up, but I really don't think they'll need to, since I has previously gotten up to 10 or more follies on only 3 days at 150 and 2 at 75.

Mapia, Thanks so much for your well wishes. It means a lot to me that you are continuely checking in. You're a great friend!

Krissy, Baby dust right back at you! Hope everything is going well with your cycle and you'll have some good news soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! - April

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