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Hello again;)

I am wishing you lots of luck. The clomid may make you have those symptoms, it did for me anyway. Seems like the day after IUI, I had really tender breasts, had to wear a bra to bed even. Also, felt almost PMS like during the whole 2ww. it was so confusing b/c I wanted to analyze every twinge and of course I was extremely hopeful.

Remember that those home tests can give you a false negative, usually your HCG has to be pretty high for it to register a positive test and sometimes it is still too early. However, the beta blood test is the best (it can detect it much earlier). So, don't get discouraged if your HPT gives you bad luck, I say until the fat red lady sings there is always a chance.

Good luck sweetie and hope your BFP is right around the corner
Hello Charlene,

I am trying to stay positive, I am getting cramps most of the day now, it is not so painful at night or early morning, it is strong during the day, I still get brown discharge, no blood, Thank God! and lower back pain from time to time, yet I am worried, I keep checking every five minutes, I always feel I am getting my period. I called my Dr. and he advised me to take a blood test on Saturday if there is no bleeding.

All I can do is pray, anyways, Saturday is not far away.


Hi Natty,

I was prowling through d site trying to figure out what exactly is going on in my body, and your symptoms are exactly like mine. I had my IUI 8 days ago, and had some cramps on the 3rd day. I was also on clomid and had d trigger shot a day b4 d IUI. I also had some PMS (generally unhappy and grouchy) which i think may be have been a side effect of clomid(d side effects usually show up a week after the medication has been stopped). Other than the above, nothing much seems to be happening. my breast seem slightly bigger but maybe i am being delusional. I also feel nauseous at night but sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not.
I am praying that u had a positive pg test, since ur symptoms kind of match mine. Let me know please.


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